JANUARY 29, 2023

Join us for mass at 9:30 AM, tours following.

Now enrolling for the 2023-2024 school year.

St Alban Roe Catholic School
St Alban Roe Catholic School
St Alban Roe Catholic School
St Alban Roe Catholic School


– Little Crusader Program for 4 year olds
– Full Day Kindergarten
– 1:1 Chromebooks for Students in Gr. 3-8
– Weekly Attendance at Mass
– Sacrament Preparation
– Community Service Opportunities
– Faith Families


– Music, Art, Physical Education Classes
– Spanish Instruction Jr. Kindergarten – Grade 8
– Accelerated Reading Program
– Learning Consultant and Resource Teacher
– Middle School Electives
– Library with over 9,000 books and Makerspace
– STEM activities with Mastermind Mania


– Student Council and Student Ambassadors
– Robotics Club
– Speech Club
– Theatre
– Chess Club
– Safety Patrol
– Mass Servers and Cantors
We LOVE our school – absolutely amazing faculty lead by our superhero principal, and best of all is the DAILY faith formation our kids get in addition to what they hear at home.
Mrs. Amanda Keller

We couldn’t be more proud of our school & its wonderful community! This year, especially, has been fantastic! Our kids & staff have done a great job staying safe & keeping us safe. The learning has not slowed down & we are still having fun!

Mrs. Kelli Elli

I’m happy to say that St. Alban Roe has done an especially remarkable job this year. The school has been open for in-person learning since day 1 of this school year, and has only pivoted to virtual as a whole school for two non-consecutive weeks (the week after Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas break). Furthermore, there has been no spread within the school. The teachers and administrators have gone above and beyond and have shown they are just as committed to student safety as they are to education. Things have been different this year and things like faith families, maker spaces, and weekly all school mass are on hold, but the kids have been learning, creating, and socializing (safely), and have even been able to return to mass weekly in the church. I was nervous about sending our 3 kids in person this year, but also didn’t want to switch schools or homeschool and it has turned out to be a great decision for our family.
Mrs. Veronica Hawley

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