St. Alban Roe strives to cultivate a community of families and teachers working together to provide a safe, stimulating hands-on environment that fosters physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social development in every child. SAR offers a full day Junior kindergarten program. The Junior Kindergarten program uses the Superkids Program called Happily Ever After. The students get to experience learning in different classrooms around the school: they go to Music, Art, PE, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Spanish. The students enjoy several field trips and holiday parties throughout the year.


Our ultimate goals as educators is to build a foundation of the Catholic Faith and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Our Primary Level is comprised of our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. Contact the school office and visit our warm and lively classrooms.

In the Primary Level, in order to enhance Reading skills, St. Alban Roe uses the reading program SUPERKIDS. SUPERKIDS is a reading program that uses 5 principles for teaching reading. These include motivation as a key factor in children’s success in learning to read; reading is most effectively taught when integrated with the other language arts; explicit phonics instruction gives children a reliable way to unlock the written word; phonetically controlled vocabulary ensures success, enabling children to really read and not guess; and an integrated, multimodal approach engages multiple senses, giving children more than one way to understand and practice essential reading and writing skills. From Kindergarten through Second Grade, students are captivated by the stories and adventures of the SUPERKIDS. The characters are relatable to each grade level through their ongoing adventures that provide a framework both exciting and applicable literary success.

The Primary Level also incorporates technology into their everyday routines in the classroom. Each classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard which is used daily by both the teacher and the students. Each individual grade has a set of classroom iPads to use as additional resources. Students also have the use of the Chromebooks daily if needed. Each classroom has a private Twitter and/or Instagram account to share with parents the day to day happenings of the classroom.



Third Grade

Third Grade, the first grade at the intermediate level, is one of great change and anticipation. This is a year of many firsts as the students move from the primary grades. Third graders continue to build on skills previously taught while learning to be more independent and take personal responsibility. They learn to work together to problem solve and begin to think critically, important skills as they move forward.

The Saint’s Mass is a beloved third grade project which allows each student to study and write about a saint. This project culminates at an All School Mass as they get to dress as their saint, process into mass, and each take a turn reading their report. The poise and confidence gained from this project is quite evident.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Graders, entering the intermediate level for the second time, begin the school year comfortable and confident. While the pace and volume of instruction continues to increase, the students learn to time manage, work in teams, and plan for long-term projects. They are introduced to new concepts, especially issues and topics in the broader world. Missouri history is a main focus this year and each student will choose a famous Missourian to research. This research culminates with their Famous Missourian Wax Museum project, an impressive performance by each student, perfecting their public speaking skills, while building self-esteem.

Fifth Grade

Fifth Graders are the leaders in the intermediate level and begin the year prepared to take on this new role. They are tasked with the service of Safety Patrol for our school and are offered the opportunity to be an Altar Server at school and parish masses. The curriculum allows for many hands-on activities as the students attend a weekly class in the Science Lab and work 1:1 with Chromebooks. These and many more activities provide opportunities to expand learning and take on leadership roles. The D.A.R.E. program is a much anticipated part of the fifth grade curriculum. Taught by a St. Louis County police officer, the students gain valuable life lessons and tools to help them make good choices as they grow and mature. This ten week program concludes with a memorable graduation ceremony.




Middle School students take a three year journey through Salvation History. From Creation, the fall, and the flood, to the Patriarchs, the Prophets, and the Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament, 6th graders learn about the Covenant and its requirement to obey God and follow His laws. From there, 7th graders study the life of Jesus as the fulfillment of all prophecy and the Covenant, as well as the requirements of Discipleship and the New Law in the New Testament. The culmination of the middle school study of the Catholic faith is found in Church History, the nature of the Church as Bride, the Sacraments as efficacious means of Grace found in the Church, and the work of the Holy Spirit in the world since the beginning of time.

In Middle School Religion students begin to take ownership of their own faith journey and prayer life. Significant class time is devoted to practicing more advanced techniques and strategies for prayer. From the first day of 6th grade, students are challenged to develop a habit of daily prayer, weekly Mass, frequent confession, and generous service through opening their hearts to God the Father (6th grade), Jesus the Son and Savior (7th grade), and the Holy Spirit (8th grade). Thus they are actively preparing for Confirmation as they continue their study of the Catholic Faith.

Language Arts

Grammar continues into eighth grade. Projects including the Mini-Man fashion show are incorporated to test those grammar skills. Writing consists of a number of different formats; with business letters being the favorite. Creative writing includes projects like The Ugly Christmas Sweater and Crime Scene Reports. In literature, skills and vocabulary are learned. Short stories are read weekly. Each quarter brings a new novel to enjoy. Some include: To Kill a Mockingbird (8th), The Outsiders (7th), and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (6th). Literature circles, Interactive Notebooks, and Google Classroom are also utilized to enhance the program.


St. Alban Roe students cover a lot of ground during their middle school years in math class. In 6th grade they are working on their mastery of basic math skills while focusing on perfecting such study skills as being an active learner, taking good notes, and learning how to study. By 7th grade they are forging ahead into the world of Pre Algebra. They are working with integers and solving multi step equations daily. Their ability to connect newly learned skills to the next topic is evident and very important for 8th grade, when we jump into Algebra 1. The meaning of the word “slope” will never be the same again. Games, scavenger hunts, student created lesson presentations, and dropping Barbie off a ledge are just some of the exciting things our students do during these three years.


Students focus on Earth Science in 6th grade. We study space science, star cycles, the electromagnetic spectrum and uses of each energy band, sunlight hours around the world, black holes, orbiting, gravitational waves, mars topography, searching for life, space junk and all things Mars. This unit culminates in a Mission to Mars at our local Challenger station. We then explore our dynamic earth, volcanoes, earthquakes, and tectonic plate theory. In 7th grade, we explore biology: pond life, the cell and all its specializations, genetics, disease, and and the human body’s organ systems. This culminates in a pig heart dissection at St Louis University and a trip to Washington University and its research center. In 8th grade, we explore chemistry and its impact on our world. Students learn real world application for all science concepts. The second semester explores physics, kinetic and potential energy, Rube Goldberg contraptions and culminates in a field trip to the Race Academy.

Social Studies

Social studies in middle school inspires the students to want to know more about the past. Sixth grade students begin with Ancient Greece and continue through the Enlightenment. Projects, tests, and quizzes complement the program. The American Revolution through the Civil War are topics covered in seventh grade. Important people, places, and times are discussed, tested on, and creatively explored. Eighth grade focuses on The Civil War to the Present. We dive into the 1920s with a poster project, and they look forward to visiting The Holocaust Museum after studying World War II.


Art is a visual record of human civilization, expressing humanity’s experiences, feelings, and beliefs. The universal language of art gives students an opportunity to express themselves. Throughout the ages, artists have used the God-given gift of fine art as a way to bear witness to and celebrate the great moments in the life of Christ and the Church.
Our Art curriculum meets the high expectations of the National and Missouri State Standards in Art Education. It includes grade-level-appropriate exploration of:

• Aesthetics
• Art criticism
• Art heritage
• Art production

We encourage children to express their own thoughts and emotions through fine art as a way to cultivate creative thinking and emotional development. We integrate the role of the Church in the discussion of art history and criticism.


The music program at St. Alban Roe is a mixture of music history, theory, ear training, instrumental knowledge, and performance. During our time together at St. Alban Roe every student will continually build upon their musical knowledge getting them ready for High School band, choir, theater, or general music courses by the time they graduate. St. Alban Roe prides itself on using our musical journey to explore different cultures around the world in the past and present, and using music as our own personal passport to explore the world. We use music as a pathway to enrich our students emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. We here at St. Alban Roe support our students in their growth in the arts and look forward to every performance the students present such as choirs, bell choirs, and the middle school spring musical.


As part of the components which entail the Physical Education program at St. Alban Roe Catholic School, students achieve opportunities for success through knowledge and skills related to overall improvement of health and movement wellbeing.  In doing so, students learn emotional, locomotor, and social skills needed to begin and maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  These lessons in Physical Education classes consist of activities related to endurance, fitness, flexibility, individual and team sports, muscular strength, and creative physically active games.  Overall, students develop a sense to understand and enjoy becoming an individual who values health and movement for a lifetime.   


We appreciate the advantages of learning a second language and exposure to other cultures.  All students, beginning with Jr. Kindergarten, have Spanish class at least once a week. In the elementary grades, the students focus on basic vocabulary such as the alphabet, numbers, and colors by playing games and learning songs.

Our Middle School students have Spanish class twice a week.  They continue to expand their vocabulary and their ability to read, write and speak Spanish.  They also learn more about grammar concepts.  This program will help students have a good foundation for foreign language study in high school.


Mastermind Mania (grades K-5) is a dedicated time to engage our student’s minds and offer opportunities to think outside the box.  This inquiry approach promotes the development of cooperative learning, social competency, communication skills, thinking process, and independence.  Curriculum is integrative.  Students will learn to demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work.  Failure will be an opportunity to learn and real-world skills will be developed.  The goal is to provide all of our students an opportunity to be innovators and young leaders eager for knowledge and ready to celebrate the joy of discovery.


The Jonathan Forshaw Memorial Library – Media Center is a collaborative space with a collection of over 9,000 fiction and informational books.

  • Students browse, search, request, and post book reviews through our online library system, customized by Follett Destiny.
  • The Father Wosman Memorial Collection of prayer books, Bible stories, saint biographies and Christian themed fiction books provides a quiet corner for reflection.
  • Our dedicated Makerspace library time includes STEM educational activities with Ozobot, Snap-Circuits, Bloxels, LEGO WeDo, and Scratch.


Technology is more than using a chrome book or iPad. Students in Grades K-5 will learn to use technology to design and create through cross curricular project-based learning while using technology.

Students will learn to:

  • use the Google apps; Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings
  • code using Scratch, Scratch Jr,
  • design 3D objects using Tinkercad
  • produce videos using a green screen
  • program robots using Wonder Workshop and LEGO products
  • use digital citizenship skills in order to make smart choices online