COVID-19 Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a close contact?

Anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for longer than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period with or without a mask.

Will masks/facial coverings be required at school?

Yes, everyone entering the building will be required to wear a face mask. Masks will stay in place all day except for eating. Social distancing will also be observed, as well as good hand washing and extra cleaning of high touch surfaces.

Who will be doing contact tracing?

Mrs. Ernst, school nurse, will be in close contact with SAR families and the St. Louis County Health Department regarding positive cases. Of course names will not be disclosed to the general public by the school.

Does the school have a plan for virtual learning should the school have to close?

Yes, should there be a need to pivot to virtual learning there is a plan in place for each grade level. Each plan is structured with the grade level in mind. Some levels will Zoom with the teacher, some will have hands on work prepared ahead of time, and some will do both.

How will you reduce capacity in the school building?

We will have reduced capacity in the building because we won’t have parents in the building for lunch duty, picking up children, mystery readers, etc. We also will not have our parish volunteers working with our primary students. There will be less cafeteria staff. For our larger classes, there will be times when the class will be divided in half for instruction. (For example, half the class will go to the Library and half the class will stay in the classroom for Spanish at one time and then switch.) In eighth grade the students will be split between math and science. 

What about ventilation?

Our three outdoor classrooms will provide teachers and students the opportunity for fresh air during the day. Extra recesses will be scheduled, and PE classes will be outside when possible. Teachers can open windows when weather allows. Air filters are changed regularly. Modifications to our building’s HVAC system would be out of our reach budget-wise.

If a student becomes symptomatic and is sent home should the entire class go home? For how long? Any requirements for re-entry?

Symptoms of infection with the novel coronavirus in children have overlap with symptoms of other childhood disease which will be much more common. For this reason, we would not recommend excluding the classmates unless the student is diagnosed with COVID-19.

If a student/teacher/staff member becomes symptomatic during the school day, should entire class be sent home? For how long? Any requirements for re-entry (like a negative test)?
Students, teachers or staff members who develop symptoms consistent with infection with the novel coronavirus should leave the building as soon as possible. They should be evaluated and tested if possible. If they are identified as a “case” by positive testing or presumptive diagnosis based on a high clinical suspicion, then the students who had close contact would need to be quarantined for 14 days from last contact and would need to be monitored for signs and symptoms which would prompt the need for testing, and potentially an extended period of exclusion from school.
Close contacts will be determined by examining factors such as distancing in the classroom, partition (Plexiglas usage), and potentially, reliability of mask usage.
If my child has symptoms or has a positive Covid-19 test will their siblings be required to stay home as well?

Yes, if a student has symptoms and is tested for COVID-19 any siblings will remain home from school until tests results are received. If the student is positive then they will be in isolation and the siblings (and any other household members) will be in quarantine.

What happens if a parent(s) tests positive and is unable to isolate from their minor children?

The positive parent(s) would be in isolation for 10 days, then anyone in the home would then be in quarantine for 14 days AFTER the parent’s isolation time has ended. It could be as long as 24 days that the student would be out of school (or longer if others become sick while in quarantine).

What will recess look like?

There will be more recesses. There will be play “zones” and they will rotate. Each grade will stay in their zone for the day. Handwashing/sanitizer will be used after recess. The play structure will be sanitized.

What will dismissal look like?

Homerooms will be dismissed individually starting with Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

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