Our Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

The mission of Saint Alban Roe Catholic School is to serve as the center for Catholic worship and education where instruction and interaction with students is child-centered and accommodates individual differences.  We are committed to providing strong academic and developmental programs, which enable children to grow to their full potential.  We foster life-long learners who demonstrate Gospel values through service to others with respect and reverence to the community.

Our Philosophy

We, the parish community of Saint Alban Roe, believe that the role of our school is to assist parents, the primary educators of their children, and the Church in the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social, aesthetic, and physical development of each child.

We value the dignity of each child. As gifts of God, individual talents are to be recognized, developed fully, and shared generously in a Christian educational climate that is Spirit-filled and life giving. 

Christian charity is grounded in our relationship with God, with ourselves, our families, and all whom we meet. We embrace, respect, and revere the plurality of cultures and creeds as a wonder of God. We encourage a sense of service by teaching and supporting values, which translate into successful participation in the community: building the kingdom of God.

We are aware of the profound effect the witness of the staff and the adult-believing community has on the faith life of children. As such, we strive to be a community of faith “in which the Christian message, the experience of community, worship, and social concern are integrated in the total experience of students their parents, and members of the faculty.” (National Catechetical Directory, p.5)