Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations (SLEs)

A student learning expectation is an outcome that states what a student will know and do as a result of attending St. John Eudes School.


Active Christians in their Catholic faith

  1. Explain Church teaching, Scripture, and Tradition, and Sacraments
  2. Participate meaningfully in worship, prayer, and the Sacraments
  3. Follow the teachings of Christ and the Ten Commandments
  4. Express God’s love through Christian service (social service and social action)
  5. Apply the Six Pillars of Character to their daily lives (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship)
  6. Educate themselves and others about justice, equity, and peace
  7. Practice inclusiveness
  8. Celebrate cultural diversity
  9. Engage in respectful dialogue with people who have different perspectives
  10. Respect God’s creation

B. College and Career Ready in the 21st Century

  1. Become self-directed learners who formulate meaningful questions and effectively seek out and use human, print, and digital resources to address those questions
  2. Collaborate with others in a respectful and productive way to complete tasks
  3. Construct viable arguments by using logical reasoning and citing precise, relevant evidence
  4. Process, analyze, interpret, and evaluate quantitative and qualitative information while maintaining an open mind
  5. Demonstrate the ability to use multiple strategies to solve problems
  6. Read, see, and listen carefully to improve general knowledge and discipline-specific expertise
  7. Demonstrate command of written and spoken standard English and acquire and use a wide-ranging daily and academic vocabulary
  8. Comprehend and critique complex literary and informational texts across a wide range of types and disciplines
  9. Use productivity tools to collaborate with others, enhance learning, and generate creative works
  10. Practice ethical and responsible use of technology